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Option to purchase site   

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The governing board of a community college district may include a proposed site in its plans for a project and may enter into an agreement with the owner of property constituting such proposed site whereby the district, for an annual consideration to be borne by the district, is given an option to purchase, or lease with an option to purchase such property at an unspecified future date, as a building site.

The existence of such an agreement shall in no way affect the determination of the share of the cost of the project to be borne by the state under this chapter, and the consideration paid by the district for such option or lease shall not be considered part of the cost of the project in determining the state's share of the funding thereof.

Such option or lease agreement shall constitute an obligation of the district and shall not be construed as in any way creating an obligation on the part of the state.

(Repealed and added by Stats. 1980, Ch. 910, Sec. 2.)