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Chapter 19. Child Care and Development Programs Subchapter 2. General Requirements Article 1. General Provisions Compliance Reviews of Contractors   

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(a) Definitions

(1) "Compliance review" means that a team of California Department of Education staff reviews a contractor's program at the program site to determine compliance with applicable laws, regulations, or contractual provisions.

(2) "CCR" means the monitoring and review instrument for child development programs that is used to determine compliance and is contained within the "Coordinated Compliance Review Guide -- 2003-2004", a document that is incorporated by reference.

(b) At least once every three (3) years and as resources permit, the California Department of Education shall conduct reviews at the contractor's office(s) and operating facility(ies) to determine the contractor's compliance with applicable laws, regulations or contractual provisions.

(c) The reviews shall be conducted according to the provisions of CCR, as defined in subsection (a)(2) of this section.

(d) The reviews shall be conducted by consultants, analysts, and/or management staff of the California Department of Education or other State of California representatives.

Authority cited:

Education Code 8261


Education Code 8261

(Amended by Register 2003, No. 39)