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Chapter 19. Child Care And Development Programs Subchapter 3. General Child Care Programs Article 2. Family Data File   

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(a) If the basis of need as stated on the application for services is vocational training leading directly to a recognized trade, paraprofession, or profession, child care and development services shall be limited, except as specified in subdivision (l), to whichever expires first:

(1) Six years from the initiation of services pursuant to this section; or

(2) Twenty four semester units, or its equivalent, after the attainment of a Bachelor's Degree.

(b) The parent shall provide documentation of the days and hours of vocational training to include:

(1) A statement of the parent's vocational goal;

(2) The name of the training institution that is providing the vocational training;

(3) The dates that current quarter, semester, or training period, as applicable, will begin and end;

(4) A current class schedule that is either an electronic print-out from the training institution of the parent's current class schedule or, if unavailable, a document that includes all of the following:

(A) The classes in which the parent is currently enrolled;

(B) The days of the week and times of day of the classes; and

(C) The signature or stamp of the training institution's registrar.

(5) The anticipated completion date of all required training activities to meet the vocational goal; and

(6) Upon completion of a quarter, semester, or training period, as applicable, a report card, a transcript, or, if the training institution does not use formal letter grades, other records to document that the parent is making progress toward the attainment of the vocational goal in accordance with subdivision (f).

(c) A parent shall report any change in his or her class schedule related to the days and times of any class, including a withdrawal from a class, within five calendar days of requesting the change from the institution.

(d) Services may be provided for classes related to the General Education Development (GED) test or English language acquisition if such courses support the attainment of the parent's vocational goal.

(e) On-line or televised instructional classes that are unit bearing classes from an accredited training institution shall be counted as class time at one hour a week for each unit. The parent shall provide a copy of the syllabus or other class documentation and, as applicable, the Web address of the on-line program. The accrediting body of the training institution shall be among those recognized by the United States Department of Education.

(f) Continuation of services based on training is contingent upon making adequate progress. To make progress each quarter, semester, or training period, as applicable, the parent shall, in the college classes, technical school, or apprenticeship for which subsidized care is provided:

(1) In a graded program, earn a 2.0 grade point average; or

(2) In a non-graded program, pass the program's requirements in at least 50 percent of the classes or meet the training institution's standard for making adequate progress.

(g) The first time the parent does not meet the condition in subdivision (f), the parent may continue to receive services for one additional quarter, semester, or training period, as applicable, to improve the parent's progress. At the conclusion of that session, the parent shall, in the classes for which subsidized care was provided, have made adequate progress pursuant to subdivision (f). If the parent has not made adequate progress pursuant to subdivision (f), services for this purpose shall be:

(1) Terminated; and

(2) Available to the parent, to the extent provided by subdivision (a), after six months from the date of termination.

(h) No later than ten calendar days after the training institution's release of progress reports for the quarter, semester, or vocational training period, as applicable, the parent shall provide the contractor with a copy of the parent's official progress report. As it deems appropriate, the contractor may require the parent to:

(1) Have an official copy of a progress report sent directly from the training institution to the contractor; or

(2) Provide a release, as may be required by the training institution, to enable the contractor to verify the parent's progress with the institution.

(i) A parent may change his or her vocational goal, but services shall be limited to the time or units remaining from the initiation of the provision of services for vocational training as specified in subdivision (a).

(j) The contractor shall determine the days and hours needed per week, and whether the parent is making progress, based on the documentation. The contractor may request that the parent provide a publication from the training institution describing the classes required to complete the parent's vocational goal.

(k) If additional services are requested for study time or travel time to support the vocational training, the contractor shall determine, as appropriate, the amount of services needed for:

(1) Travel to and from the location at which services are provided and the training location, not to exceed half of the weekly hours authorized for training to a maximum of four hours per day; or

(2) Study time, including study time for on-line and televised instructional classes, according to the following:

(A) Two hours per week per academic unit in which the parent is enrolled;

(B) On a case-by-case basis and as may be confirmed with the class instructor, additional time not to exceed one hour per week per academic unit in which the parent is enrolled; and

(C) On a case-by-case basis, no more than the number of class hours per week for non-academic or non-unit bearing training.

(l) The service limitations specified in subdivision (a) shall not apply to a parent who demonstrates he or she is:

(1) As of June 27, 2008 receiving services for vocational training and has attained a Bachelor's Degree;

(2) Receiving services from a program operating pursuant to Education Code section 66060;

(3) Attending vocational training when the parent has been deemed eligible for rehabilitation services by the California Department of Rehabilitation; or

(4) Attending retraining services available through the Employment Development Department of the State or its contractors due to a business closure or mass layoff.

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(Amended By Register 2008, No. 22.)