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Chapter 1. Library Services Provided by the State. Subchapter 2. California Library Services. General Provisions. General Provisions.   

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(a) The State Board finds that it is in the best interests of the citizens of California and best fulfills the purposes of the Act (Chapter 4, part 11, Division 1, Title 1, Education Code) that libraries participating in any one program of the Act participate in all applicable programs of the Act.

(b) Any public library participating in programs of the Act shall, under section 18724(g) of the Act, provide access to the library's bibliographic and location data upon request from the State Board for inclusion in the appropriate data base established by the State Board in implementation of the Act. The access shall be provided in such form, manner, and frequency as are agreed upon between the State Board and the library.

(c) Funding distributed according to California Library Services Act provisions may not be used to support other than library purposes. To comply with Education Code Section 18703(c), the funding may not be used to replace local funds for library services, but only to supplement the local funding to further the purposes of the Act.

(d) A public library participating in any program of the Act must participate in the direct loan transaction reporting, whether the library participates in either of the direct loan programs or not. During the designated transaction reporting periods all CLSA participating libraries must record all direct loans made to eligible residents of other jurisdictions whose libraries are participating in the direct loan programs, as long as the handling costs of paid loans are not being covered in whole, or in part, by CLSA funds in addition to direct loan reimbursement funds, LSTA funds, or by funds provided by the jurisdiction of the eligible non-resident.

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(Amended by Register 2013, No. 39.)