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Legal Resources | Title 5 |  T5  20123  

Emergency Meetings and Agenda Items.   

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(a) Power. An emergency meeting may be called by the President of the State Board or a majority of the members thereof without providing the notice required by Section 20119 if there is an unforeseen emergency condition in existence.

(b) Definition. An unforeseen emergency condition exists when there is an immediate threat of adverse effects on the program authorized by the Act of such scope that requires action of the State Board to avert such effects.

(c) Agenda Items. An item may be included on the agenda of any regular meeting if an unforeseen condition exists without the notice required by section 20119.

(d) Certification. Concurrence of 7 of the members is required to certify that an emergency condition exists in order to take any action at an emergency meeting or regarding an emergency item.

(e) Notice. If reasonably possible, notice of the emergency item or meeting shall be provided to those so requiring under section 20119(b). Lack of such notice shall not invalidate any action taken on said item or at said meeting.