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System Advisory Board.   

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(a) Purpose. The State Board finds that it is in the best interests of the citizens of California and best fulfills the purposes of the Act that System Advisory Board members participate in the planning and development of CLSA-funded system services, in cooperation with their respective System Administrative Councils. The purpose of the System Advisory Board program shall be to provide a means for effective communication between each Administrative Council and the residents of its system service areas, and to help ensure that library services provided by each system respond appropriately to the needs of its residents.

(b) Establishment. An Advisory Board for each System shall be established. The Advisory Board shall consist of the number of members specified in Education Code Section 18747(b) and 18748, except that no System Advisory Board shall consist of fewer than five members.

(c) Advisory Board Members. Each System shall provide the California Library Services Board annually no later than June 1, with a list of the members of the System Advisory Board and an indication of the underserved population segments represented. Categories used in the Population Profile portion of the System Plan of Service shall be used to indicate the population segments represented.

(d) Organization. Each Advisory Board may formalize its organization by adopting by-laws. Such by-laws shall be in conformity with the Act, these regulations, and Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised.

(e) Advisory Board Meetings. The Advisory Board shall have regular meetings, open and accessible to the public. Information about the meetings shall be disseminated in such a way and in such languages as the Advisory Board determines will most effectively inform the public of the Board's activities. It shall be the responsibility of each Advisory Board Member to inform his or her appointing governing body and respective community of these activities. The Advisory Board shall also be represented at meetings of the Administrative Council and shall provide the Administrative Council with regular reports of the Board's activities.

(f) Orientation and Training. It shall be the responsibility of each System Administrative Council to work in conjunction with the State Board and the System Advisory Board to ensure that materials and training are provided as necessary to orient each Advisory Board member to the goals, functions and responsibilities of the State Board, the System Administrative Council, and the System Advisory Board. The Chief Executive Officer may, on behalf of the State Board, provide and/or recommend such materials and training as appropriate.

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(Amended by Register 81, No. 43.)