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Subchapter 4 Procedures Relating to Hearings on Proposals and Petitions for the Reorganization of School Districts. Submission of Proposals and Petiti   

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A proposal by the county committee on school district organization, a petition by another public agency or electors for the reorganization of a school district other than transfer of territory, or an appeal under Education Code section 35710.5 or 35711 of an action by the county committee approving or disapproving a petition to transfer territory from one district to another shall be submitted to the Executive Officer of the Board. The Executive Officer of the Board shall cause the proposal, petition or the appeal to be:

(a) Reviewed and analyzed by the California Department of Education.

(b) Set for hearing before the State Board of Education at the earliest practicable date.

(c) Transmitted, together with the report and recommendation of the California Department of Education, to the Board and to such other persons as is required by law not later than ten days before the date of the hearing.

(Amended by Register 96, No. 13.)