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Chapter 19. Child Care And Development Programs Subchapter 3. General Child Care Programs Article 2. Family Data File Documentation of Seeking Employment, Services Limitations   

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(a) If the basis of need as stated on the application for services is seeking employment, the parent's period of eligibility for child care and development services is limited to 60 working days during the contract period, except as specified in subdivisions (d) and (e). Services shall occur on no more than five days per week and for less than 30 hours per week. The period of eligibility shall start on the day authorized by the contractor and extend for consecutive working days.

(b) Documentation of seeking employment shall include a written parental declaration signed under penalty of perjury stating that the parent is seeking employment. The declaration shall include the parent's plan to secure, change, or increase employment and shall identify a general description of when services will be necessary.

(c) The contractor shall determine the number of working days available for seeking employment and the child care schedule, which may be a variable schedule, based on the documentation. During the period of authorization and if necessary to verify need, the contractor may request that the parent provide, no more than once a week, a description of the activities he or she has undertaken during the previous week to seek employment and, as appropriate, may require additional documentation.

(d) If the Governor declares a state of emergency and if the factual bases for the Governor's declaration indicate that opportunities for employment have temporarily diminished to such a degree that parents cannot be reasonably expected to find employment within 60 working days of diligent searching, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction (SSPI) may investigate to determine whether the 60-working-days limitation described in paragraph (a) should be suspended. If the SSPI determines that it is in the public interest to do so, he or she may, by order, suspend the 60-working-days limitation on eligibility during the period of the emergency or for a lesser time. The scope of the suspension, including the geographic areas and the persons affected, and its duration, shall be no more than necessary to respond to the emergency as determined in the SSPI's investigation, and shall be specifically described in the SSPI's order. If a parent's services for seeking employment were exhausted after an emergency was declared and before the SSPI suspends the eligibility limitation, the contractor may re-authorize services for seeking employment in accordance with the conditions specified in the SSPI's order.

(e) If the parent has concurrently received services based on employment or vocational training for at least 20 working days while receiving services for seeking employment, eligibility for seeking employment may be extended for an additional 20 working days. For such a parent, services for this purpose shall not exceed 80 working days during the contract period.

(f) If services for this purpose are discontinued, the number of working days remaining in the period of eligibility shall be available for a subsequent period of eligibility during the contract period.

(g) As used in this section, the working days used to determine the period of eligibility shall include the consecutive Mondays through Fridays, excluding any federal holidays.

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