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Chapter 3. Handicapped Children. Subchapter 1. Special Education. Article 7.5. Duties Of Contractors Or Agencies Related To Conducting Mediation Or Due Process Hearings. Availability of Translators and Translated Documents.   

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(a) The contractor or agency shall prepare forms and documents for mediation and due process hearings in English and, at minimum, the five foreign languages most commonly spoken in California schools as identified annually by the CDE.

(1) The contractor or agency shall publish, on its Web site, a list of all available and downloadable forms and documents.

(2) The Web site of the contractor or agency shall include a feature for requesting, by language, available forms and documents.

(b) The contractor or agency shall make available translators for all mediations and due process hearings when the language of a party or a witness to a mediation or due process hearing is other than English, or another mode of communication. The mediator or hearing officer shall make the determination of whether the interpreter is competent.

(c) The contractor or agency shall require translators and interpreters to take an oath to interpret fully and accurately.

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