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Chapter 3. Institutional Operating Standards. Article 1. Minimum Operating Standards. Instruction.   

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(a) Instruction shall be the central focus of the resources and services of the institution.

(b) The institution shall document that the instruction offered leads to the achievement of the learning objectives of each course.

(c) Direct instruction requires the physical presence of one or more students and one or more faculty members at the same location. Direct instruction includes instruction presented in a classroom, seminar, workshop, lecture, colloquium, laboratory, tutorial, or other physical learning settings consistent with the mission, purposes, and objectives of the institution.

(d) Distance education as defined in section 94834 of the Code, does not require the physical presence of students and faculty at the same location but provides for interaction between students and faculty by such means as telecommunication, correspondence, electronic and computer augmented educational services, postal service, and facsimile transmission. In addition to the other requirements of this chapter and the Act, an institution offering distance education shall:

(1) ensure that the educational program offered through distance education is appropriate for delivery through distance education methods;

(2) assess each student, prior to admission, in order to determine whether each student has the skills and competencies to succeed in a distance education environment;

(3) ensure that the materials and programs are current, well organized, designed by faculty competent in distance education techniques and delivered using readily available, reliable technology;

(4) provide for meaningful interaction with faculty who are qualified to teach using distance education methods;

(5) maintain clear standards for satisfactory academic progress;

(6) timely complete student evaluations of learning outcomes by duly qualified faculty, which are appropriate for use with the distance education methods used, and evaluated by duly qualified faculty.

(7) employ a sufficient number of faculty to assure that (A) the institution's response to, or evaluation of, each student lesson is returned to the student within 10 days after the lesson is received by the institution; and (B) the institution's response to, or evaluation of, each student project or dissertation is returned to the student within the time disclosed in the catalog; and

(8) shall maintain a record of the dates on which lessons, projects, and dissertations were received and responses were returned to each student.

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