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Chapter 3. Institutional Operating Standards. Article 1. Minimum Operating Standards. Financial Resources.   

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(a) The institution shall document that it has at all times sufficient assets and financial resources to do all of the following:

(1) Provide all of the educational programs that the institution represented it would provide.

(2) Ensure that all students admitted to its educational programs have a reasonable opportunity to complete the programs and obtain their degrees or diplomas.

(3) Maintain the minimum standards required by the Act and this chapter.

(4) Pay timely refunds as required by Article 13 of the Act.

(5) Pay all operating expenses due within 30 days.

(6) Maintain a ratio of current assets to current liabilities of 1.25 to 1.00 or greater at the end of the most recent fiscal year when using generally accepted accounting principles, or for an institution participating in Title IV of the federal Higher Education Act of 1965, meet the composite score requirements of the U.S. Department of Education. For the purposes of this section, current assets does not include: intangible assets, including goodwill, going concern value, organization expense, startup costs, long-term prepayment of deferred charges, and non-returnable deposits, or state or federal grant or loan funds that are not the property of the institution but are held for future disbursement for the benefit of students. Unearned tuition shall be accounted for in accordance with general accepted accounting principles.

(b) At an institution's request, the Bureau may consider the financial resources of a parent company if the parent company, as defined by section 94853 of the Code, meets and maintains all of the following provisions:

(1) consents in writing to be sued in California;

(2) consents in writing to be subject to the jurisdiction of the Bureau with respect to the institution's regulation under the Act and this Chapter;

(3) designates and maintains an agent for service of process, consistent with section 74190;

(4) agrees in writing to pay any refund, claim, penalty, or judgment that the institution is obligated to pay; and

(5) files financial reports, maintains financial records, and consents in writing to permit the inspection and copying of financial records to the same extent as is required of the institution.

(c) An institution shall provide to the Bureau its most current financial statements upon request.

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(Amended by Register 2010, No. 47.)