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Application for Provisional Approval to Offer Degree Programs.   

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(a) For an application for approval to operate or a substantive change, the owner of an unaccredited institution also requesting provisional approval to offer a degree program shall submit to the Bureau, for its approval, a plan for achieving institutional accreditation by an accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education, with the scope of that accreditation covering the offering of at least one degree program.

(b) The plan shall include:

(1) Identification of the accrediting agency from which the institution will seek accreditation;

(2) Identification of the accrediting agency's eligibility requirements;

(3) Identification of the accrediting agency's minimum requirements for institutional accreditation covering at least one degree program offered by the institution with an outline of the process and timeline for complying within two years of provisional approval with the accrediting agency's requirements for submission of a completed application for initial accreditation with the required fee; and

(4) An outline of the process and timeline whereby the institution will achieve full accreditation within five years of approval, including all of the following, if applicable:

(A) Attendance at the accrediting agency's required accreditation applicant workshop;

(B) Submission of financial statements as required by the accrediting agency;

(C) Submission of a self-evaluation report; and

(D) Hosting of a site visit by the accrediting agency.

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(Added by Register 2015, No. 5)