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Interdistrict Attendance   

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Interdistrict Attendance Agreements

Interdistrict Petition Agreement

___ School Year

As the parent/guardian of the student listed below, I agree to the terms of the interdistrict letter given to me at the time of my child's approved interdistrict and/or enrollment:

______________________________ ____________ ____________________

Student's Legal Name Grade Teacher

• Students must be at school and in their classroom by 8:10a.m.

• Students must be picked up at their regular dismissal time. This includes dismissal times for tutoring, band, orchestra, yearbook, GATE, sports, or any other after-school activity.

Dismissal Times for Regular School Day: Dismissal Times for Minimum Days:

McCabe - 2:00p.m. Corfman - 12:00p.m.

Corfman - 2:40p.m. McCabe - 12:45p.m.

• Students not picked up within 15 minutes of dismissal will need to be signed out by the parent through the school office.

• A student's interdistrict agreement may be revoked because of excessive truancy, habitual tardies, disruption of the education program, or poor academic achievement.

• Transportation shall not be provided for students attending on an interdistrict petition.

• An interdistrict petition approval is valid only during the school year for which it is issued. Furthermore, it is valid only while the conditions stated in the request are maintained, and will be in force only as long as the pupil's attendance, citizenship, and scholarship are satisfactory to maintain district behavior standards. All interdistrict petitions shall be reviewed annually and decision whether to approve or deny will be made by the Superintendent based on Board Policy 5117 and district enrollment patterns.

• Falsification of any information on the application for an interdistrict transfer is cause for immediate revocation of an interdistrict transfer approval and no further application will be considered.

__________________________________ _____________________

Parent/Guardian Signature Date


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