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Code of Federal Regulations, Title 7

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spacer arrow 220.1 Part 220--School Breakfast Program. General purpose and scope.  
spacer arrow 220.2 Part 220—School Breakfast Program. Definitions.  
spacer arrow 220.3 Part 220—School Breakfast Program. Administration.  
spacer arrow 220.4 Payment of funds to States and FCSROs.  
spacer arrow 220.5 Method of payment to States.  
spacer arrow 220.6 Use of funds.  
spacer arrow 220.7 Part 220—School Breakfast Program. Requirements for participation.  
spacer arrow 220.8 Part 220—School Breakfast Program. Meal requirements for breakfasts.  
spacer arrow 220.8a Breakfast components and quantities for the meal pattern.  
spacer arrow 220.9 Reimbursement payments.  
spacer arrow 220.10 Effective date for reimbursement.  
spacer arrow 220.11 Reimbursement procedures.  
spacer arrow 220.12 Part 220—School Breakfast Program. Competitive food services.  
spacer arrow 220.13 Part 220—School Breakfast Program. Special responsibilities of State agencies.  
spacer arrow 220.14 Claims against school food authorities.  
spacer arrow 220.15 Management evaluations and audits.  
spacer arrow 220.16 Part 220—School Breakfast Program. Procurement standards.  
spacer arrow 220.17 Prohibitions.  
spacer arrow 220.18 Suspension, termination and grant closeout procedures.  
spacer arrow 220.19 Free and reduced price breakfasts.  
spacer arrow 220.20 Program information.  
spacer arrow 220.21 Part 220—School Breakfast Program. Program information.  
spacer arrow 220.22 Information collection/recordkeeping—OMB assigned control numbers.  
spacer arrow 220.A Appendix A to Part 220--Alternate Foods for Meals formulated grain-fruit products  
spacer arrow 220.B Appendix B to Part 220--Categories of Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value  
spacer arrow 220.C Appendix C to Part 220--Child Nutrition (CN) Labeling Program  
spacer arrow 225.1 Part 225—Summer Food Service Program Subpart A - General. General purpose and scope.  
spacer arrow 225.2 Definitions.  
spacer arrow 225.3 Administration.  
spacer arrow 225.4 Subpart B—State Agency Provisions. Program management and administration plan.  
spacer arrow 225.5 Payments to State agencies and use of Program funds.  
spacer arrow 225.6 State agency responsibilities.  
spacer arrow 225.7 Program monitoring and assistance.  
spacer arrow 225.8 Records and reports.  
spacer arrow 225.9 Program assistance to sponsors.  
spacer arrow 225.10 Audits and management evaluations.  
spacer arrow 225.11 Corrective action procedures.  
spacer arrow 225.12 Claims against sponsors.  
spacer arrow 225.13 Appeal procedures.  
spacer arrow 225.14 Subpart C—Sponsor and Site Provisions. Requirements for sponsor participation.  
spacer arrow 225.15 Management responsibilities of sponsors.  
spacer arrow 225.16 Meal service requirements.  
spacer arrow 225.17 Subpart D—General Administrative Provisions. Procurement standards.  
spacer arrow 225.18 Miscellaneous administrative provisions.  
spacer arrow 225.19 Regional office addresses.  
spacer arrow 225.20 Information collection/recordkeeping—OMB assigned control numbers.  
spacer arrow 225.A Appendix A to Part 225—Alternate Foods for Meals. Alternate Protein Products