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(a) To assist in making determinations pursuant to Section 49070, a district superintendent or governing board may convene a hearing panel composed of the following persons, provided that the parent has given written consent to release information from the relevant pupil's records to the members of the panel so convened:

(1) The principal of a public school other than the public school at which the record is on file.

(2) A certificated employee appointed by the chairman of the certificated employee council of the district, or, if no such council exists, a certificated employee appointed by the parent.

(3) A parent appointed by the superintendent or by the governing board of the district, depending upon who convenes the panel.

(b) The persons appointed pursuant to paragraphs (2) and (3) of subdivision (a) shall, if possible, not be acquainted with the pupil, his parent or guardian, or the certificated employee who recorded the information, except when the parent or guardian appoints the person pursuant to paragraph (2).

(c) The principal appointed to the hearing panel shall serve as its chairman.

(d) The hearing panel shall, in closed session, hear the objections to the information of the parent and the testimony of the certificated employee who recorded the information in question, if any, and if such employee is presently employed by the school district.

The hearing panel shall be provided with verbatim copies of the information which is the subject of the controversy.

Written findings shall be made setting forth the facts and decisions of the panel and such findings shall be forwarded to the superintendent or the governing board, depending upon who convened the panel.

The proceedings of the hearing shall not be disclosed or discussed by panel members except in their official capacities.

(Amended by Stats. 1979, Ch. 373.)