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Chapter 5 Tutoring and Homework Assistance Program   

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The Legislature finds and declares all of the following:

(a) The Pasadena Unified School District has operated the Tutoring and Homework Assistance Program since September 1985 through which pupils are able to receive appropriate homework or specialized tutorial assistance, or both, from trained personnel and volunteers after regular school hours at each of the district's 30 schools, at no cost to the pupil, and through which parents, teachers, and pupils receive information and referral services on the tutoring and homework support services available through the school district and other community organizations.

(b) The Tutoring and Homework Assistance Program has provided over 30,000 hours of assistance annually to over 1,000 pupils.

(c) Surveys completed by principals, site coordinators, classroom teachers, parents, and pupils have generated favorable responses to the program.

(d) The Tutoring and Homework Assistance Program is of educational benefit and provides a cost-effective means of reaching pupils, of supporting rather than replacing the role of parents, and of enabling pupils to succeed in school and, therefore, to be more likely to remain in school.

(e) The district has evaluated the program pursuant to the evaluation requirements of this chapter and has found that the program results in improved academic performance.

(f) The Tutoring and Homework Assistance Program has demonstrated success during the first two years of operation and should be continued on a statewide basis.

(Added by Stats. 1991, Ch. 643, Sec. 1.)