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Public Records Act; Exemption From Disclosure   

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Unclaimed property, Controller records of, disclosure, Section 1582, Code of Civil Procedure.

Unemployment compensation, disclosure of confidential information, Section 2111, Unemployment Insurance Code.

Unemployment compensation, information obtained in administration of code, Section 1094, Unemployment Insurance Code.

Unemployment fund contributions, publication of annual tax paid, Section 989, Unemployment Insurance Code.

University of California, exemption from disclosure for information submitted by bidders for award of best value contracts, Section 10506.6, Public Contract Code.

Unsafe working condition, confidentiality of complainant, Section 6309, Labor Code.

Use fuel tax information, disclosure prohibited, Section 9255, Revenue and Taxation Code.

Utility systems development, confidential information, subdivision (e), Section 6254.

Utility user tax return and payment records, exemption from disclosure, Section 7284.6, Revenue and Taxation Code.

Vehicle registration, confidentiality of information, Section 4750.4, Vehicle Code.

Vehicle accident reports, disclosure of, Sections 16005, 20012, and 20014, Vehicle Code and Section 27177, Streets and Highways Code.

Vehicular offense, record of, confidentiality five years after conviction, Section 1807.5, Vehicle Code.

Veterans Affairs, Department of, confidentiality of records of contract purchasers, Section 85, Military and Veterans Code.

Veterinarian or animal health technician, alcohol or dangerous drugs diversion and rehabilitation records, confidentiality of, Section 4871, Business and Professions Code.

Victims' Legal Resource Center, confidentiality of information and records retained, Section 13897.2, Penal Code.

Voter, affidavit or registration, confidentiality of information contained in, Section 6254.4.

Voter, registration by confidential affidavit, Section 2194, Elections Code.

Voting, secrecy, Section 1050, Evidence Code.

Wards and dependent children, inspection of juvenile court documents, Section 827, Welfare and Institutions Code.

(Amended by Stats. 2014, Ch. 593, Sec. 11.)