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Public Records Act; exemptions from disclosure   

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Wards, petition for sealing records, Section 781, Welfare and Institutions Code.

Winegrowers of California Commission, confidentiality of producers' or vintners' proprietary information, Sections 74655 and 74955, Food and Agricultural Code.

Workers' Compensation Appeals Board, injury or illness report, confidentiality of, Section 6412, Labor Code.

Workers' compensation insurance, dividend payment to policyholder, confidentiality of information, Section 11739, Insurance Code.

Workers' compensation insurance fraud reporting, confidentiality of information, Section 1877.4, Insurance Code.

Workers' compensation insurer or rating organization, confidentiality of notice of noncompliance, Section 11754, Insurance Code.

Workers' compensation insurer, rating information, confidentiality of, Section 11752.7, Insurance Code.

Workers' compensation, notice to correct noncompliance, Section 11754, Insurance Code.

Workers' compensation, release of information to other governmental agencies, Section 11752.5, Insurance Code.

Workers' compensation, self-insured employers, confidentiality of financial information, Section 3742, Labor Code.

Workplace inspection photographs, confidentiality of, Section 6314, Labor Code.

Youth Authority, parole revocation proceedings, confidentiality of, Section 1767.6, Welfare and Institutions Code.

Youth Authority, release of information in possession of Youth Authority for offenses under Sections 676, 1764.1, and 1764.2, Welfare and Institutions Code.

(Amended by Stats.2009, Ch. 584, Sec. 24.)