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Responsibilities of Local Governing Boards.   

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(a) Local governing boards shall designate a certificated employee as custodian of records. Such employee shall be charged with districtwide responsibility for implementing board policies relating to pupil records.

(b) The principal of each school or a certificated designee shall be responsible for the implementation of board and district policies relating to the pupil records maintained in that school.

(c) Each district shall establish written policies and procedures for pupil records which implement Education Code Section 49060, and Title 5 regulations relating to pupil records. Such procedures and policies shall:

(1) Guarantee access to authorized persons within 5 days following the date of request;

(2) Assure security of the records; and

(3) Enumerate and describe the pupil records collected and maintained by the district.

(d) All anecdotal information and assessment reports maintained as a pupil record shall be dated and signed by the individual who originated the data.

(e) The district shall notify parents in writing at least annually of their rights in regard to pupil records as per Education Code Section 49063.

(f) When a parent's dominant language is not English, the district shall make an effort to:

(1) Provide interpretation of the pupil record in the dominant language of the parent, or

(2) Assist the parent(s) in securing an interpreter.

(g) Neither the pupil record, nor any part thereof, shall be withheld from the parent or eligible pupil requesting access.

(Amended by Register 77, No. 39.)