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Notice of Action, Application for Services.   

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(a) The contractor's decision to approve or deny services shall be communicated to the applicant through a written statement referred to as a Notice of Action, Application for Services, in accordance with Section 18118 of this Division. The contractor shall maintain copies of the Notice of Action, Application for Services in the basic data file. The Notice of Action, Application for Services shall include:

(1) The applicant's name and address;

(2) The contractor's name and address;

(3) The name and telephone number of the contractor's authorized representative who made the decision;

(4) The date of the notice;

(5) The method of distribution of the notice.

(b) If services are approved, the notice shall contain:

(1) Basis of eligibility;

(2) Daily/hourly fee, if applicable;

(3) Duration of the eligibility;

(4) Names of children approved to receive services;

(5) Hours of service approved for each day;

(c) If the services are denied, the notice shall contain:

(1) The basis of denial, and

(2) Instructions for the parent(s) on how to request a hearing if they do not agree with the contractor's decision as stated in the Notice of Action, Application for Services in accordance with procedures specified in Sections 18120 and 18121 of this Division.

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