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Travel And Conference Expenses   

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The Board of Trustees shall pay for actual and necessary expenses incurred by any employee, Board member, or student attending authorized meetings or performing authorized services for the district. The Superintendent or designee may authorize an advance of funds to the employee to cover meal expenses.

The Superintendent or designee may approve employee requests to attend conventions, conferences, or other similarly scheduled meetings at the discretion of the immediate supervisor and within budget guidelines.

Conference or travel expenses not directly related to the employees assignment are not reimbursable.

Teachers attending conferences may be invited to report on the conference to the Board regarding the conference.

Advanced Payment

It is the intent of the Board that arrangements for payment of expenses related to conferences, workshops, meetings, etc. be obtained prior to attendance. Employees are encouraged to:

1. Use the purchase order process to secure lodging, registration, and public transportation whenever possible.

2. If purchase orders are not possible, "advanced payment" form is to be used to obtain advanced payment of registration, fees or lodging. Checks will be made payable to the vendor.

3. Use the "advance payment" form to obtain advance payment of meals at the district approved rate. The destination, dates and meals must be specified.


It is the intent of the Board when advanced payment is not possible or practical, to reimburse travel and conference expenses, incurred by the employee, Board member, or student performing authorized services for the district.

Reimbursement claims with receipts must be submitted for registration fees, lodging, and travel by commercial carriers.

Public Transportation

1. Reimbursement may be requested for train, bus or air fares. Claims shall be limited to less than first-class status for public transportation. Claims must be supported by receipts or stubs.

2. Taxis or other public carriers are allowed between terminal and hotel or place of business if shuttle service is not provided. Claims must be supported by receipts.

3. Parking fees will be reimbursed with appropriate receipts or ticket stubs.

4. Rental car expense will only be approved with receipts and is limited to situations where commercial transportation is not available or practical and prior approval has been granted.

Private Transportation

1. When a private car must be used, mileage will be paid from the district to the meeting and return at the current board approved rate per mile. If more than one person is attending, transportation should be pooled, and mileage will be paid for only one car. Exceptions for special circumstances may be granted by the Superintendent.

2. When mileage is incurred in the vicinity of the destination and used for district business purposes, reimbursement shall be made at the district approved rate.

3. District gas credit cards may also be obtained prior to trips for use by district employees. The credit card must be returned with actual signed receipt, upon return. If district credit cards are used, mileage reimbursement will not be made to the employee.

Other Travel Expenses

1. Various highway tolls, bridge tolls, parking and storage fees are reimbursable with receipts.

2. Reasonable expenses incurred for baggage handling, storage, checking of baggage are allowed with receipts.

Conference Expense

Reimbursement for approved conference expenses will be made when appropriate receipts are submitted. Tips and gratuities shall be reimbursed at appropriate rates with actual amounts indicated on receipts.

Personal trips, activities not related to the conference and non-business activities shall not be reimbursed.

Reimbursement for meals, lodging and other expenses are limited to those normally incurred during the period of time applicable to the trip.


The district will reimburse authorized individuals on travel status for the actual expense of meals if advance payment is not obtained prior to the trip. Reimbursed meal expenses must be supported by receipts. Documented tips and gratuities shall be reimbursed.

No district funds may be expended for the purchase of alcoholic beverages. Reimbursement shall not be granted for such expenditures. (Education Code 32435)


1. Claims for hotel accommodations will be paid in the exact amount of any reasonable hotel fee.

2. Expenses for lodging must be supported by receipts.

3. Telephone calls made for business purposes are reimbursable.

4. Personal charges will not be approved.

5. One personal call home will be allowed each two days away from home. Itemized receipts must be presented.

Legal Reference:


32435 Prohibited uses of public funds

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44033 Automobile allowance

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approved: November 15, 1995 Alturas, California