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Twelfth Grade Academic Load   

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Twelfth grade students shall be enrolled in at least seven classes each semester except for students enrolled in any of the following:

1. Regional occupation programs.

2. Special education programs where the student's individualized education program establishes a different number of courses.

3. Continuation education classes.

4. Work experience education program.

5. Any course of study approved by the Board of Trustees which is equivalent to the approved high school course of study or a program of study pursuant to Education Code Section 46147. (Education Code 46145)

Twelfth grade students who meet the following criteria may attend school five periods a day.

Criteria that must be met by students:

1. GPA requirement of 2.5 cumulative.

2. Must have made normal progress toward graduation: 200 units at the end of Junior year.

3. Pass High School Exit Exam or district proficiency exam as required for graduation.

4. Must have faculty and counselor recommendations. These recommendations will be based on student's previous failures, U's in citizenship, and disciplinary record.

5. Parent approval required.

Any twelfth grade student who participates in this program agrees to the terms and conditions of a behavioral and attendance contract. Any violation of the contract will result in loss of privileges for a time to be determined by the infraction (tardies, cuts, grades will be monitored).

Legal Reference:


46145 Enrollment in minimum number of courses

46147 Exemptions for certain pupils, minimum day


adopted: June 17, 2003 Alturas, California

reviewed: October 18, 2006