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Environmental Education   

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The Board of Trustees recognizes that the schools play a crucial role in educating students on environmental issues and preparing them to be the stewards of their natural resources. The quality of life in future generations will depend upon our students' willingness and ability to solve today's environmental problems and prevent new ones from developing.

The Board desires to offer environmental education that fosters attitudes of personal responsibility toward the environment and provides students with the concepts, knowledge and skills needed to contribute meaningfully to decisions involving the environment and its resources. At all grade levels, environmental facts should be taught as they relate to each other, so that students will understand basic ecological principles and appreciate the interrelated nature of living processes, the effect of human activities on ecological relationships, and the interdependence of humanity and nature.

The Board encourages school and classroom activities that encourage students to recycle, conserve water and energy, use biodegradable materials when possible, and dispose of wastes in an environmentally sound way.

The Board encourages staff to provide students with opportunities to increase their understanding of science and the interdependence of living things through the study of endangered species in local habitats and through participation in projects related to this study.

Students shall be offered the opportunity to participate in outdoor education programs.

Legal Reference:


8700-8707 Environmental education

8720-8723 Conservation education service

8760-8773 Outdoor science, conservation, and forestry

33541 Science requirements

37222.11 John Muir; recognition of his contributions

51210 Areas of study, grades 1-6

51220 Areas of study, grades 7-12

51795-51797 School instructional gardens

60041 Ecological systems and their protection


71300-71305 Statewide environmental education

Management Resources:


California Environmental Protection Agency, Education and the Environment Initiative:

California Department of Education, Environmental Education:

California Department of Resources, Recycling and Recovery, Education and Assistance:

California Regional Environmental Education Community:


adopted: November 14, 2006 Alturas, California