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Chapter 1. Standardized Emergency Management System (Sems). Article 2. Purpose and Scope. Purpose and Scope.   

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These regulations establish the Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS) based upon the Incident Command System (ICS) adapted from the system originally developed by the Firefighting Resources of California Organized for Potential Emergencies (FIRESCOPE) program including those currently in use by state agencies, the Multi-Agency Coordination System (MACS) as developed by FIRESCOPE program, the operational area concept, and the Master Mutual Aid Agreement and related mutual aid systems.

SEMS is intended to standardize response to emergencies involving multiple jurisdictions or multiple agencies. SEMS is intended to be flexible and adaptable to the needs of all emergency responders in California. SEMS requires emergency response agencies use basic principles and components of emergency management including ICS, multi-agency or inter-agency coordination, the operational area concept, and established mutual aid systems. State agencies must use SEMS. Local government must use SEMS by December 1, 1996 in order to be eligible for state funding of response-related personnel costs pursuant to activities identified in California Code of Regulations, Title 19, s2920, s2925, and s2930. Individual agencies' roles and responsibilities contained in existing laws or the state emergency plan are not superseded by these regulations.

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