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Division 6. California Community Colleges.Chapter 2. Community College Standards.Subchapter 1. Minimum Conditions. Student Success and Support Program   

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The governing board of each community college district shall:

(a) adopt and submit to the Chancellor a Student Success and Support Program plan as required under section 55510;

(b) evaluate its Student Success and Support Program and participate in statewide evaluation activities as required under section 55512(c);

(c) provide Student Success and Support Program services to its students in accordance with sections 55520-55525;

(d) establish procedures for waivers and appeals in connection with its Student Success and Support Program in a manner consistent with section 55534; and

(e) substantially comply with all other provisions of Subchapter 6 (commencing with section 55500) of Chapter 6 of this Division.

Authority cited:

Education Code 66700

Education Code 70901


Education Code 78210-78218

(Amended by Register 2013, No. 38.)