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Transfer Centers: Minimum Program Standards.   

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(a) The governing board of each community college district shall recognize transfer as one of its primary missions, and shall place priority emphasis on the preparation and transfer of underrepresented students, including African-American, Chicano/Latino, American Indian, disabled, low-income and other students historically and currently underrepresented in the transfer process.

(b) Each community college district governing board shall direct the development and adoption of a Transfer Center Plan describing the activities of the transfer center and the services to be provided to students, incorporating the provisions established in these standards, as outlined below. Plans shall identify target student populations and shall establish target increases in the number of applicants to the four-year segments from these populations, including specific targets for increasing the transfer applications of those underrepresented among transfer students. Plans shall be developed in consultation with four-year college and university personnel as available.

Plan components shall include, but not be limited to: services to be provided to students; facilities; staffing; advisory committee; and evaluation and reporting.

(1) Required Services. District Shall:

(A) Identify, contact and provide transfer support services to targeted student populations as identified in the Transfer Center Plan, with a priority emphasis placed on African-American, Chicano/Latino, American Indian, disabled, low-income and other underrepresented students. These activities shall be developed and implemented in cooperation with student services departments and with faculty.

(B) Ensure the provision of academic planning for transfer, the development and utilization of transfer admission agreements with four-year institutions where available and as appropriate, and the development and utilization of course-to course and major articulation agreements. Academic planning and articulation activities shall be provided in cooperation with student services, with faculty, and with four-year college and university personnel as available.

(C) Ensure that students receive accurate and up-to-date academic and transfer information through the provision of coordinated transfer counseling services.

(D) Monitor the progress of transfer students to the point of transfer, in accordance with monitoring activities established in the Transfer Center Plan.

(E) Support the progress of transfer students through referral as necessary, to such services as ability and diagnostic testing, tutoring, financial assistance, and counseling, and other instructional and student services on campus as appropriate.

(F) Assist students in the transition process, including the timely completion and submittal of necessary forms and applications.

(G) In cooperation with four-year college and university personnel as available, develop and implement a schedule of services for transfer students to be provided by four-year staff.

(H) Provide a resource library of college catalogs, transfer guides, articulation information and agreements, applications to four-year colleges and universities, and related transfer information.

(2) Facilities. Each district governing board shall provide space and facilities adequate to support the Transfer Center and its activities. Each District shall designate a particular location on campus as the focal point of transfer functions. This location should be readily identifiable and accessible to students, faculty, and staff

(3) Staffing. Each district governing board shall provide clerical support for the transfer center and assign college staff to coordinate the activities of the transfer center; to coordinate underrepresented student transfer efforts; to serve as liaison to articulation, to student services, and to instructional programs on campus; and to work with a baccalaureate institution personnel.

(4) Advisory Committee: Each District shall designated an advisory committee to plan the development, implementation, and ongoing operations of the transfer center. Membership shall be representative of campus departments and services. Baccalaureate institution personnel shall be included as available.

(5) Evaluation and Reporting. Each district governing board shall include in its Transfer Center Plan a plan of institutional research for ongoing internal evaluation of the effectiveness of the college's transfer efforts, and the achievement of its Transfer Center Plan.

Each community college district shall submit an annual report to the Chancellor describing the status of the district's efforts to implement its transfer center(s), achievement of Transfer Center Plan targets and goals,

and expenditures supporting transfer center operations.

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