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Chapter 4. Employees Subchapter 1. Equal Employment Opportunity Programs Article 1. General Additional Steps to Ensure Equal Employment Opportunity   

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(a) If a district determines that a particular monitored group is significantly underrepresented with respect to one or more job categories, the district shall take additional steps consistent with this section. At a minimum, the district shall:

(1) review its recruitment procedures and identify and implement any additional measures which might reasonably be expected to attract candidates from the significantly underrepresented group;

(2) consider various other means of reducing the underrepresentation which do not involve taking monitored group status into account, and implement any such techniques which are determined to be feasible and potentially effective;

(3) determine whether the group is still significantly underrepresented in the category or categories in question after the measures described in (1) and (2) have been in place a reasonable period of time; and

(4) if significant underrepresentation persists, the staffing rate for the significantly underrepresented group in the specified job category or categories shall be monitored on an ongoing basis until the projected representation has been achieved for that group in the category or categories in question.

(b) If a reasonable period of time passes and significant underrepresentation persists for a particular group in the job category in question, the district shall:

(1) review each locally established "required," "desired" or "preferred" qualification being used to screen applicants for positions in the job category to determine if it is job-related and consistent with business necessity through a process meeting the requirements of federal law or is among those qualifications which the Board of Governors has found to be job-related and consistent with business necessity throughout the community college system;

(2) discontinue the use of any locally established qualification that has not been found to satisfy the requirements set forth in paragraph (1) of this subdivision; and

(3) continue using qualification standards meeting the requirements of paragraph (1) only where no alternative qualification standard is reasonably available which would select for the same characteristics, meet the requirements of paragraph (1) and be expected to have a less exclusionary effect.

(c) For purposes of this section, "a reasonable period of time" means three years, or such longer period as the Chancellor may approve, upon the request of the equal employment opportunity advisory committee and the chief executive officer, where the district has not filled enough positions to appreciably affect its work force in the job category in question.

(d) Nothing in this subchapter shall be construed to prohibit a district from taking any other steps it concludes are necessary to ensure equal employment opportunity, provided that such actions are consistent with the requirements of federal and state constitutional and statutory nondiscrimination law.

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