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Chapter 4. Employees Subchapter 1. Equal Employment Opportunity Programs Article 2. Other Specific Responsibilities of Community College Districts Screening or Selection Procedures   

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(a) All screening or selection techniques, including the procedure for developing interview questions, and the selection process as a whole, shall be:

(1) provided to the Chancellor upon request;

(2) designed to ensure that for faculty and administrative positions, meaningful consideration is given to the extent to which applicants demonstrate a sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, and ethnic backgrounds of community college students;

(3) based solely on job-related criteria; and

(4) designed to avoid an adverse impact, as defined in section 53001(a), and monitored by means consistent with this section to detect and address any adverse impact which does occur for any monitored group.

(b) If monitoring pursuant to subsection (a)(4) reveals that any selection technique or procedure has adversely impacted any such group, the chief executive officer or his/her designee shall suspend the selection process and timely and effective steps shall be taken to remedy the problem before the selection process resumes. The equal employment opportunity officer, or other official charged with responsibility for monitoring selection procedures, may assist the screening committee by discussing the overall composition of the applicant pool and the screening criteria or procedures which have produced an adverse impact, provided that confidential information about individual candidates is not disclosed. If adverse impact results from locally established qualifications beyond state minimum qualifications that have not been verified as described in section 53023(c)(2) or replaced with suitable alternatives having a lesser adverse impact, the use of such qualifications shall be immediately discontinued and any applicant eliminated on the basis of that qualification shall be continued in the hiring process. Where necessary, the position may be re-opened at any time and a new selection process initiated in a way designed to avoid adverse impact.

(c) A district may not designate or set aside particular positions to be filled by members of any group defined in terms of ethnic group identification, race, color, national origin, religion, age, gender, disability, ancestry or sexual orientation, or engage in any other practice which would result in discriminatory or preferential treatment prohibited by state or federal law. Nor may a district apply the district's equal employment opportunity plan in a rigid manner which has the purpose or effect of so discriminating.

(d) Seniority or length of service may be taken into consideration only to the extent it is job related, is not the sole criterion, and is included in the job announcement consistent with the requirements of section 53022.

(e) Selection testing for employees shall follow procedures as outlined in the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's "Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures."

(f) Whenever possible, screening committees shall include a diverse membership which will bring a variety of perspectives to the assessment of applicant qualifications.

(g) Notwithstanding any other provision of this division, the governing board or its designee shall have the authority to make all final hiring decisions based upon careful review of the candidate or candidates recommended by a screening committee. This includes the right to reject all candidates and to order further review by the screening committee or to reopen the position where necessary to further achievement of the objectives of the equal employment opportunity plan or to ensure equal employment opportunity. However, a consistent pattern of not hiring qualified candidates from a monitored group who are recommended by screening committees may give rise to an inference that the selections are not consistent with the objectives of equal employment opportunity that are required by this subchapter.

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