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Chapter 4. Employees Subchapter 1. Equal Employment Opportunity Programs Article 3. Faculty and Staff Diversity Fund Equal Employment Opportunity Fund Allocation   

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Resources provided to the Board of Governors for the purpose of promoting equal employment opportunity in hiring and promotion within the system shall be placed in an Equal Employment Opportunity Fund and shall be allocated consistent with the following;

(a) A portion of the fund, but not more than 25 percent, shall be set aside to provide technical assistance, service, monitoring, and compliance functions.

(b) That portion of the funds not allocated pursuant to subsection (a) may be allocated to the districts in the following categories:

(1) an amount proportional to the full-time equivalent students of each district to the total full-time equivalent students for all districts;

(2) an equal dollar amount to each district;

(3) an amount related to success in promoting equal employment opportunity. Multiple methods of measuring success shall be identified by the Chancellor working through the established Consultation Process.

(c) funds provided pursuant to this section may be used for:

(1) outreach and recruitment;

(2) in-service training on equal employment opportunity;

(3) accommodations for applicants and employees with disabilities pursuant to section 53025; and

(4) other activities to promote equal employment opportunity.

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