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Article 1.5. Sick Leave Transfer. Transfer of Accumulated Sick Leave.   

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This Section prescribes the manner in which the amount of accumulated sick leave is certified for transfer under Sections 87782, 87783, and 87785 of the Education Code.

(a) As used in this Section, accumulated sick leave means a leave of absence for illness or injury that is earned under Education Code Section 87781 but is unused.

(b) Transfer shall be certified as follows:

(1) The person who accumulated the sick leave or the new employing agency requests the former employing agency to send the new employing agency a written statement of the employee's accumulated sick leave,

(2) Upon receipt of the request, the former employing agency transmits to the new employing agency a statement of the person's accumulated sick leave certified to be true and correct by the officer or employee of the former employing agency who is charged with maintaining employee attendance records,

(3) The new employing agency credits the person with the accumulated sick leave set forth in the certified statement. Any transfer of sick leave to the Chancellor's office shall be subject to the limitations specified in Education Code Section 87785.

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(Amended by Register 95, No. 19).