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Additional Full-Time Faculty Positions.   

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(a) The Chancellor shall compute the number of full-time faculty which each district is to secure in accordance with Sections 51025 and 53308, as the result of applying additional FTES growth and program improvement revenue allotments.

(b) This computation shall be made by dividing the applicable portion of program improvement revenue (0 percent, 33 percent, or 40 percent of the program improvement allocation), by the statewide average "replacement cost" (a figure which represents the statewide average faculty salary plus benefits, minus the statewide hourly rate of compensation for part-time instructors times the statewide average full-time teaching load).

(c) If the quotient determined in paragraph (b) is not a whole number, then the quotient shall be rounded down to the nearest whole number. If the quotient, once applied, will result in the district exceeding the 75 percent standard, the Chancellor shall further reduce the quotient to a whole number that will leave the district as close as possible to, but in excess of, the 75 percent standard.

(d) The computation for the funded growth in full-time equivalent student workload obligation to secure additional full-time faculty shall, when required pursuant to the provisions of Section 51025(a)(1) and (e), be made by multiplying the percentage of funded credit FTES growth times the base number of full-time faculty that were to be in place by Fall of the current year.

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