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(a) No one may be hired to serve as a community college faculty or educational administrator unless the governing board determines that he or she possesses qualifications that are at least equivalent to the minimum qualifications specified in this Article or elsewhere in this Division. The criteria used by the governing board in making the determination shall be reflected in the governing board's action employing the individual.

(b) The process, as well as criteria and standards by which the governing board reaches its determinations regarding faculty, shall be developed and agreed upon jointly by representatives of the governing board and the academic senate, and approved by the governing board. The agreed upon process shall include reasonable procedures to ensure that the governing board relies primarily upon the advice and judgment of the academic senate to determine that each individual faculty employed under the authority granted by this Section possesses qualifications that are at least equivalent to the applicable minimum qualifications specified in this Division.

(c) The process shall further require that the academic senate be provided with an opportunity to present its views to the governing board before the governing board makes a determination; and that the written record of the decision, including the views of the academic senate, shall be available for review pursuant to Education Code Section 87358.

(d) Until a joint agreement is reached and approved pursuant to Subdivision (b), the district shall be bound by the minimum qualifications set forth in this Subchapter.

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