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Proper Use of Funds.   

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The health supervision and services fee which the governing board of a district may require students to pay shall be expended only to cover the direct and indirect costs necessary to provide any, all of, or a portion of the student health programs and services approved by the governing board for offering within the district, which may include the following:

(a) Clinical Care Services

(1) assessment, intervention, and referral for health services

(2) first aid and basic emergency care

(3) health appraisal

(4) communicable disease control

(b) Mental Health Services

(1) crisis management

(2) short-term psychological counseling

(3) alcohol/drug counseling

(4) eating disorders counseling

(5) stress management

(6) suicide prevention

(7) sexual harassment/assault recovery counseling program

(8) mental health assessment

(c) Support Services

A variety of services supporting the clinical and mental health efforts including, but not limited to: maintenance of health records in a confidential and ethical manner, laboratory, radiology, and/or pharmacy services.

(d) Special Services

(1) health education and promotion

(2) teaching and research

(3) student insurance programs

(4) environmental health and safety, including illness and injury prevention programs.

The local district governing board establishing a health supervision and services fee shall decide what scope and level of services will be provided. The board policy will be available to all students.

When the burden of supporting a student health program is shared by all students through a general fee, the programs and services for which the funds are expended must be sufficiently broad to meet health care needs of the general student body. Those programs and services directed at meeting the health care needs of a select few to the exclusion of the general student body shall not be supported through student health fees.

Nothing within these provisions shall prevent an exclusive service to a select group of students or service to the college faculty or staff; however, these services must be supported from sources other than the student fee.

Authority cited:

Education Code 70901


Education Code 76355

(Amended by Register 2001, No. 25.)