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Requirements of Plan.   

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(a) The district plan shall contain the following provisions:

(1) A statement that the district has officially adopted the plan, subject to approval by the State Chancellor.

(2) A specific description of the respective responsibilities of college, student, employer, and other cooperating agencies in the operation of the program.

(3) A specific description for each type of Cooperative Work Experience Education program.

(4) A description of how the district will:

(A) Provide guidance services for students during enrollment in Cooperative Work Experience Education.

(B) Assign a sufficient number of qualified, academic personnel as stipulated in the district plan to direct the program and to assure district services required in section 55255.

(C) Assure that students' on-the-job learning experiences are documented with written measurable learning objectives.

(D) With the assistance of employers, evaluate students on-the-job learning experiences.

(E) Describe basis for awarding grade and credit.

(F) Provide adequate clerical and instructional services.

(b) Prior to implementation, any changes or revisions to the district plan shall be submitted for approval to the Chancellor.

Authority cited:

Education Code 66700

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(Amended by Register 95, No. 20)