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Title 5. Education.Division 6. California Community Colleges.Chapter 6. Curriculum and Instruction.Subchapter 6. Matriculation Programs.Article 2. Planning and Administration. Student Success and Support Program Plans   

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(a) Each college shall adopt a Student Success and Support Program plan describing the services to be provided to its students. The plan shall include, but not be limited to:

(1) a description of the methods by which required services identified in section 55520 will be delivered;

(2) a description of the college's process to identify students at risk for academic or progress probation and the college's plan for referral to appropriate interventions or services and coordination with the college's development of its student equity plan.

(3) a description of partnerships among colleges and with high school districts, workforce agencies, or other community partners to deliver required services pursuant to 55520.

(4) the college's budget for services funded through the Student Success and Support Program;

(5) plans for professional development related to implementation of the Student Success and Support Program;

(6) a description of the technology support and institutional research necessary to implement this subchapter;

(7) a description of the college's adopted criteria for exempting students from participation in the required services listed in section 55520 consistent with the requirements of section 55532;

(8) a description of the college's assessment for placement process, including but not limited to:

(A) a list of any assessment test(s) and other measures used for English, mathematics, and English as a Second Language course placement pursuant to section 55522.

(B) a description of the college's policy on the portability of student assessment scores and placement results for colleges outside the district and for colleges within a multi-college district.

(C) a description of the college's assessment procedures on pre-test practice, re-take, and recency.

(9) a description of policies for establishing and periodically reviewing prerequisites pursuant to section 55003 and considering student challenges to prerequisites established pursuant to section 55003; and

(10) a description of the college's student appeal policies and procedures related to the Student Success and Support Program; and

(11) in districts with more than one college, arrangements for coordination of the Student Success and Support Program plans of its various colleges.

(b) The plan shall be developed through consultation with representatives of the academic senate, students, administrators, and staff with appropriate expertise, pursuant to section 51023 et seq.

(c) Such plans shall conform to the requirements of this subchapter and shall be submitted to the Chancellor for review and approval. The Chancellor may require periodic updates of such plans.

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(Amended by Register 2013, No. 38.)