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Title 5. Education.Division 6. California Community Colleges.Chapter 6. Curriculum and Instruction.Subchapter 6. Matriculation Programs.Article 3. Matriculation Services. Student Education Plan   

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(a) Each district or college shall establish a process that takes into consideration the student services and instructional resources available for assisting students to select an education goal and course of study within a reasonable time after admission as required by section 55530(d). This shall include, but not be limited to, the provision of counseling as required by section 55523.

(b) Districts or colleges shall provide students with an opportunity to develop student education plans that are either:

(1) Abbreviated. Abbreviated student education plans are one to two terms in length designed to meet the immediate needs of students for whom a comprehensive plan is not appropriate; or

(2) Comprehensive. Comprehensive student education plans take into account a student's interests, skills, career and education goals, major, potential transfer institutions, and the steps the student needs to take on their educational path to complete their identified course of study. The comprehensive plan helps the student achieve their course of study. The comprehensive plan includes, but is not limited to, addressing the education goal and course of study requirements, such as the requirements for the major, transfer, certificate, program, applicable course prerequisites or co-requisites, the need for basic skills, assessment for placement results, and the need for referral to other support and instructional services as appropriate. The comprehensive student education plan is tailored to meet the individual needs and interests of the student and may include other elements to satisfy participation requirements for programs such as EOPS, DSPS, CalWORKs, veterans education benefits, athletics, and others.

(c) Once a continuing nonexempt student has selected an education goal and course of study, the district shall make a reasonable effort to afford the student the opportunity to develop a comprehensive student education plan describing the responsibilities of the student, the requirements he or she must meet, and the courses, programs, and services required and available to achieve the stated goal.

(d) The student education plan developed pursuant to subdivision (b) shall be accessible, timely, and recorded in electronic form. The plan and its implementation shall be reviewed as necessary to ensure that it continues to accurately reflect the needs and goals of the student. Districts or colleges shall make a reasonable effort to not duplicate education planning processes including for students participating in special programs.

(e) If a student believes the district or college has failed to make good faith efforts to develop a plan, has failed to provide programs and services specified in the student education plan, or has otherwise violated the requirements of this section, the student may file a complaint pursuant to section 55534(a).

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(Amended by Register 2013, No. 38.)