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Chapter 6. Curriculum And Instruction Subchapter 7. Contract Education Article 1. Contracts With Providers Of Career Technical Education   

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Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the governing board of a community college district may enter into a contract with a proprietary or nonprofit organization, a public entity, or a proprietary or nonprofit private corporation to provide vocational education of community college students with disabilities. All instruction pursuant to this section shall be approved of and supervised by the governing board of the community college district and shall be conducted by academic employees. The attendance of such community college students participating in training under the provisions of this section may be claimed for purposes of state apportionment by the community college district, and college credit may be granted to students who satisfactorily complete the course of instruction.

Authority cited:

Education Code 66700

Education Code 70901


Education Code 70901

(Added by Register 2007, No. 35.)