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Chapter 6. Curriculum And Instruction Subchapter 8. Academic Calendar Article 1. 175-Day Minimum Academic Calendar   

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(a) Prior to any change in academic year configuration, including the addition, deletion, shortening or lengthening of any primary term, the governing board of a district shall obtain the approval of the Chancellor.

(b) Requests for approval shall be made on a form provided by the Chancellor, and shall address or provide:

(1) A complete description of the calendar configuration;

(2) The district's ability to comply with the 175-Day Rule as provided in section 58142; and

(3) The educational implications, positive and negative, of the proposed change.

(c) The Chancellor shall approve a requested change in a college's academic year configuration if it is found that:

(1) The state aid implications of the requested change have been addressed; and

(2) The district will be able to comply with the 175-Day Rule; and

(3) The change in configuration is consistent with the continued delivery of quality education.

Authority cited:

Education Code 66700

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Education Code 84890

(Added by Register 2007, No. 35.)