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Chapter 7. Special Programs Subchapter 1. Disabled Student Programs And Services Article 1. General Provisions And Definitions Student Responsibility   

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(a) Students receiving support services or instruction under this subchapter shall:

(1) comply with the student code of conduct adopted by the college and all other applicable statutes and regulations to student conduct;

(2) be responsible in their use of DSPS services and adhere to written service provision policies adopted by DSPS; and

(3) make measurable progress toward the goals established in the student's Student Educational Contract or, when the student is enrolled in a regular college course, meet academic standards established by the college pursuant to subchapter 1 of chapter 6.

(b) A district may adopt a written policy providing for the suspension or termination of DSPS services where a student fails to comply with subdivisions (a)(2) or (a)(3) of this section. Such policies shall provide for written notice to the student prior to the suspension or termination and shall afford the student an opportunity to appeal the decision. Each student shall be given a copy of this policy upon first applying for services from DSPS.

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(Amended By Register 2008,No. 21)