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(a) Persons employed pursuant to this Subchapter as counselors or instructors of students with disabilities shall meet minimum qualifications set forth in Section 53414 of Subchapter 4 of Chapter 4 of this Division.

(b) Each district receiving funds pursuant to this Subchapter shall designate a DSPS Coordinator for cash college in the district. For the purpose of this section, the Coordinator is defined as that individual who has responsibility for the day-to-day operation of DSPS. The designated Coordinator must meet the minimum qualifications for a DSPS counselor or instructor set forth in Section 53414(a) through (d) or meet the minimum qualifications for an educational administrator set forth in Section 53420 and, in addition, have two (2) years full-time experience or the equivalent within the last four (4) years in one or more of the following fields:

(1) instruction or counseling or both in a higher education program for students with disabilities;

(2) administration of a program for students with disabilities in an institution of higher education;

(3) teaching, counseling or administration in secondary education, working predominantly or exclusively in programs for students with disabilities; or

(4) administrative or supervisory experience in industry, government, public agencies, the military, or private social welfare organizations, in which the responsibilities of the position were predominantly or exclusively related to persons with disabilities.

(c) Districts receiving funding pursuant to this Subchapter may also employ classified and/or paraprofessional support staff. Support staff shall function under the direction of a DSPS counselor, instructor, or Coordinator as appropriate for the support services or instruction being provided.

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