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Allocations; Reports; Audits; Adjustments.   

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(a) The Chancellor shall adopt an allocation formula which is consistent with the requirements of this Subchapter. The Chancellor shall use this formula to make advance allocations of funding provided pursuant to Section 56060 to each community college district consistent with the district's approved DSPS program plan and the requirements of this Article.

(b) A portion, not to exceed 10 percent, of the allocation may be based on the amount of federal, state, local, or district discretionary funds which the district has devoted to serving students with disabilities. Provided, however, that in no event shall any district be entitled to receive funding which exceeds the direct excess cost, as defined in Section 56064, of providing support services or instruction to student with disabilities.

(c) Each district shall submit such enrollment and budget reports as the Chancellor may require.

(d) The Chancellor shall provide for audits of DSPS programs to determine the accuracy of the reports required pursuant to Subdivision (c).

(e) The Chancellor may, based on audit findings or enrollment budget reports, adjust the allocation of any district to compensate for over or under-allocated amounts in the current fiscal year or any of the three immediately preceding fiscal years.

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