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Chancellor's Review and Evaluation: Elements of Review.   

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The Chancellor shall review and evaluate each proposed project with reference to the elements of the capital construction program specified in Education Code, section 81821. The review shall include the following elements:

(a) An architectural analysis to determine costs of the various phases of the project, with particular attention to be directed to the type of construction, unit costs, and the efficiency of particular buildings and facilities in terms of effective utilization of area.

(b) Determining the amount of federal funds available for the project, and taking appropriate measures to ensure that the project will qualify for the maximum amounts of federal funds practicable under the circumstances.

"Federal funds" means any construction and equipment moneys provided by the federal government to a community college district for the project or any part of the project, which are or will be available to the district for the project.

(c) Determining the total cost of the project, reducing the total cost by the amount of federal funds available thereof, and determining the remainder thereof to be borne by the state, or, if the district has matching funds, by the state and by the district.

The determination as to whether the district has funds to provide all or part of its matching share of the project shall be made on the basis of district ability. If the district ability, as determined by section 57033.1, is sufficient to meet the matching costs of the project or its individual phases of planning, working drawings, construction, equipment, or land acquisition, the district shall bear its matching share of the cost of the project or one or more of its phases. If the district funds available are insufficient to provide the district's matching share for the cost of the project or one or more of its phases, computed pursuant to section 57033.1, the district shall provide the moneys available, as defined by the Board of Governors, and state funds may be requested to provide the balance of funds required.

Private funds available for specific projects may be used as a credit toward the district match.

(d) Determining the total of funds required for the first phase of the project to be provided on a matching basis by the state and the district, and the total state appropriation required to be provided for the project or one or more of its phases.

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