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For the purposes of this Subchapter:

(a) "Energy Conservation Project" means the acquisition, development, or modification of facilities and equipment which result in the conservation of energy, energy audits; energy conservation and operating procedures; energy conservation measures; water conservation measures; and redraft consisting of modifications made to existing equipment or structures.

(b) "Energy Conservation Program," means an organized activity approved and adopted by a community college district governing board in the form of a written summary of the activities by the district toward the conserving of energy sources.

(c) "Energy Audit (EA)," means the nontechnical review of a facility to ascertain the existing level of energy use efficiency.

(d) "Technical Audit" (TA), means a specialized study designed to identify and specify energy resource savings and related cost savings which may be realized as a result of modification of maintenance and operating procedures, acquisition and installation of one or more specified energy conservation measures, or planning of specific remodeling, renovation, repair and replacement of facilities.

(e) "Technical Auditor" means a California registered engineer with energy conservation experience authorized by the California Energy Commission to conduct technical audits for all public building in the State of California.

(f) "Pay back Period" is the length of time required for the flow of net cash proceeds or cash saving produced by an investment to equal the original cash outlay required by the investment.

(g) "Energy Conservation Measure" means an installation or modification of a system in a building or facility which is primarily intended to reduce energy consumption or allow the use of a more desirable energy source.

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