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(a) "Capital Outlay Project" includes purchase of land and costs related thereto, including court costs, condemnation costs, legal fees, title fees, etc.; construction projects, including working drawings; and equipment related to a construction project regardless of cost or timing.

(b) "Construction Project" includes new construction, alteration, and extension or betterment of existing structures.

(c) "State-Funded Project" means a capital outlay project qualifying as a project pursuant to section 81805 of the Education Code, and for which a district requests or receives State funding assistance.

(d) "District-Funded Project" means a capital outlay project subject to the provisions of section 81837 of the Education Code for which any funds, other than state funds, are paid or to be paid for erecting, adding to, or altering any community college facility.

(e) "Five-Year Construction Plans" means a plan for capital construction for community college purposes of a community college district for the five-year period commencing with the next proposed year of funding.

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(Amended by Register 95, No. 23)