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Apportionment for Tutoring   

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Apportionment may be claimed for individual student tutoring only if all the following conditions are met:

(a) The individual student tutoring is conducted through a designated learning center.

(b) The designated learning center is supervised by a person who meets the minimum qualifications prescribed by section 53415.

(c) All tutors successfully complete instruction in tutoring methods and the use of appropriate written and mediated instructional materials, including supervised practice tutoring. This requirement may be waived by the chief instructional or student services officer on the basis of advanced degrees or equivalent training. Academic credit and apportionment for coursework in tutoring methods for purposes of this section shall be limited to two semester or three quarter units of credit, or 96 noncredit hours. All tutors shall be approved by a faculty member from the discipline or disciplines in which the student will tutor.

(d) All students receiving individual tutoring have enrolled in a noncredit course carrying Taxonomy of Programs number 4930.09, which is entitled "Supervised Tutoring."

(e) Students enroll in the Supervised Tutoring course, through registration procedures established pursuant to section 58108, after referral by a counselor or an instructor on the basis of an identified learning need.

(f) An attendance accounting method is established which accurately and rigorously monitors positive attendance.

(g) Student tutors may be remunerated but may not be granted academic credit for tutoring beyond that stipulated in (c) above.

(h) The district shall not claim state apportionment for tutoring services for which it is being paid from state categorical funds.

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Education Code 70901

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(Amended by Register 2006, No. 1.)