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Program Improvement.    

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(a) Revenues for low revenue community college districts shall be adjusted for equalization as follows:

(1) Compute an amount equal to ten percent of the statewide credit base inflation adjustment computed in subdivision (c) of section 58773.

(2) The amount computed in paragraph (1) shall be allocated to raise the revenue of low revenue districts to the highest common level possible in relation to the statewide current year percent of standard as defined in subdivision (m) of section 58771.

(b) For any program improvement funds available in excess of the amount computed paragraph (a)(1), thirty percent (30%) shall be allocated in accordance with the procedure defined in subparagraph (a)(2), and seventy percent (70%) shall be distributed to all districts on the basis of total current year funded FTES.

Authority cited:

Education Code 66700

Education Code 70901

Education Code 84750


Education Code 84750

(Amended by Register 91, No 28.)