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Chapter 6. Curriculum And Instruction Subchapter 3. Alternative Instructional Methodologies Article 4. Cooperative Work Experience Education   

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(a) Pursue a planned program of Cooperative Work Experience Education which, in the opinion of the Instructor/Coordinator, includes new or expanded responsibilities or learning opportunities beyond those experienced during previous employment.

(b) Have on-the-job learning experiences that contribute to their occupational or education goals.

(c) Have the approval of the academic personnel.

(d) Meet the following condition if self-employed: Identify a person who is approved by academic personnel to serve as the designated employer representative. This representative shall agree in writing to accept the following employer responsibilities:

(1) Assist the student in identifying new or expanded on-the-job learning objectives.

(2) Assist in the evaluation of the student's identified on-the-job learning objectives.

(3) Validate hours worked.

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