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Chapter 6. Curriculum And Instruction Subchapter 3. Alternative Instructional Methodologies Article 4. Cooperative Work Experience Education District Services   

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(a) The district shall provide sufficient services for initiating and maintaining on-the-job learning stations, coordinating the program, and supervising students. The supervision of students shall be outlined in a learning agreement coordinated by the college district under a state-approved plan. The employer and the qualified Community College Instructor/Coordinator shall share responsibility for on-the-job supervision, which shall include but not be limited to:

(1) Instructor/Coordinator consultation in person with employers or designated representatives to discuss students' educational growth on the job.

(2) Written evaluation of students' progress in meeting planned on-the-job learning objectives.

(3) Consultation with students in person to discuss students' educational growth on the job.

(b) The district shall provide the above services at least once each quarter or semester for each student enrolled in the Cooperative Work Experience Education. Qualified adjunct faculty may be hired from other institutions to develop the learning contracts and make the "in-person" consultation for a student that is out of a college's geographical region, state, or in another country. For legally indentured apprentices, the requirements of this section may be delegated to the Joint Apprenticeship Committee in order to avoid duplication of supervisory services. The responsibility for compliance with Education Code and title 5 Cooperative Work Experience Education requirements remains with the college.

(c) In certain limited situations that will be defined in guidelines issued by the Chancellor, the district may substitute approved alternatives to "in person" consultations. The guidelines will specify the types of alternatives which districts may approve and the circumstances under which they may be used. In establishing and maintaining guidelines on such alternatives, the Chancellor shall consult with, and rely primarily on the advice and judgment of, the statewide Academic Senate and shall provide a reasonable opportunity for comment by other statewide and regional representative groups.

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