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Full-Time Faculty Percentage   

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For purposes of this Subchapter and Section 51025, a district's full-time faculty percentage is determined as follows:

(a) Using the rules set forth in Section 53309, calculate the district's full-time equivalent faculty (FTEF) attributable to full-time faculty, as defined in Section 53302.

(b) Determine the district's total FTEF by adding together:

(1) FTEF attributable to full-time faculty, using the rules set forth in Section 53309; and

(2) FTEF attributable to part-time faculty, calculated using the rules set forth in Section 53310.

(c) To obtain the full-time faculty percentage, divide the figure from subdivision (a) (FTEF attributable to full-time faculty) by the figure from subdivision (b) (total FTEF).

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