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Cal Grant B Entitlement Criteria   

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A Cal Grant B Entitlement award for first year tuition and fees plus the access grant as defined and limited by Education Code section 69435(a)(3) shall be given to applicants based upon consideration of the following factors:

(a) Applicants with the lowest expected family contribution determined pursuant to Education Code Section 69432.7; and applicants with the highest level of academic merit as indicated by their high school grade point average and/or submitted test scores;

(b) Additional factors to be considered may include any of the following:

(1) Whether the applicant is an orphan or ward of the court or was a ward of the court at the age of eighteen;

(2) The level of education attainment of the applicant's parents;

(3) The number of family members in the applicant's household in relation to the household income; and

(4) Whether the applicant comes from a single parent household or is a single parent.

Authority cited:

Education Code 69435(a)(3)

Education Code 69433.7


Education Code 69435(a)(3)

(Amended by Register 2001, No. 33)